My name is Leticia Bas Ventín and I like the sea.

Research interests

I have a broad range of research interests concerning to marine and coastal sustainability. Currently my research interests are focus on marine and coastal planning, ecosystem services and social-ecological systems. I find fascinating to explore different management approaches to integrate natural assets in a manner that secures the capacity of marine ecosystems to support societal development.

I am especially interested in understanding the interactions between climate, ocean, marine resources and local communities and also, how significant are those interactions for ecosystems healthy and the societies that depend on the services they provide. In this sense, I like complexity thinking and the use of modelling tools to make predictions about the effects of environmental changes as well as management actions on marine social-ecological systems.

Higher education

I have a degree in environmental sciences, a diploma of advanced studies for a research study centered on Strategic Environmental Assessment of aquaculture and a PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management at Campus do*Mar, International Campus of Excellence – University of Santiago de Compostela.

Work experience

More than five years of work experience in environmental strategic assessment and in the introduction of environmental considerations in public planning at Galician regional level.

Most of these years, I have worked for the Galician Environmental Authority assessing public plans and programs under the framework of the European directive 2001/42/EC on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment.

I have also collaborated in different public strategic plans, as for example, Directrices de Ordenación del Territorio, Plan Energético Estratégico, Plan de Ordenación del Litoral and Plan Director de Acuicultura Litoral.

Besides environmental assessment, in the private sector my work has been focused on local planning and community participation implementing the Agenda 21 framework in different municipalities.